Solved – 4c error in samsung washing machine

Solved - 4c Error in Samsung Washing Machine

When the Samsung top load washing machine does not fill water, then the display will show 4c /4e error. The washing machine does not fill water if the tap is closed or water pressure is low. If the water pressure is low advised to contact a local plumber to get water line pressure inspected in case of low water pressure.

  • The Washing machine may also display this error if the inlet filter is choked. It is recommended to clean the filter once every 2 weeks. It will help in better functioning of the washing machine.
  • If the water pressure is sufficient and the inlet filter is also not choked then check the inlet valve which is located on the backside of the top panel in the washing machine. Inlet valve functions as a channel which supplies water to the washtub.
  • Malfunctioning of inlet valve-like no water supply or low water supply can hinder the washing process or low water supply will delay the filling of the wash top which will display the 4c error.

So let’s figure out the right process of checking the inlet valve.

To check the inlet valve we need to open the top panel from the backside. Remove screws with the help of a screwdriver. If the inlet valve is found open or short then replace the inlet valve.

Please note:- before removing the inlet valve disconnect the thimbles carefully.

You can use both hands to pull out the inlet valve assembly carefully. Now Fix the new inlet valve assembly as shown in video below. Now insert the outlets of the assembly into the inlet. Put this assembly in order to fix it in its correct position properly. Then assemble the panel cover.

Now let’s check the working of the washing machine. 

To do so connect the inlet hose. Power on the machine. Select the water level and desired program. Press the start/ pause button and you can see it is functioning properly. So this is how you can resolve 4c error. That is water supply error in Samsung top load washing machine.

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